Barbie Hello Kitty Doll 2017: The newest collaboration

YES! You read that title right! Barbie and Hello Kitty is doing another collaboration this year! 😍  As you may remember, the last doll collaboration between Barbie and Hello Kitty happened back in the year 2008 (take a look at her below 👇💞) This Hello Kitty® Barbie® Doll (2008) was designed by Bill Greening and she wears blue capri pants, Hello…

Wishlist: #TheBarbieLook™ Barbie® Doll – City Chic Style

I am not sure if this doll should be in my wishlist as I am planning to purchase her this coming September/October. YAS! (I caaaaan’t wait!) 💕 It was really in my to-do list to write a review once I have this doll but I really can’t help myself on writing something about her. You know the…

Thrift Store Finds: Barbie Fashion Avenue

Hieee WordPress world! 👋💖 So I’ve been visiting a lot of thrift stores for a month now hoping that one of them are selling toys (BARBIES!!!!) but I saw nothing but clothes, shoes and bags. 😩 Most thrift stores here in the Philippines are just selling garments, shoes, bags furniture and other stuff not related to toys….

Wishlist: The Zodiac Dolls Barbie Collection

I know Christmas ain’t near yet, so writing wishlists and stuff related to that are still not relevant 🎄😕 But there’s nothing wrong when someone wishes. Ain’t it? 💫 Today, while I had my free time at work 💻, I went through Google and browse different photos of some Barbie Collector Series. Yay! 😍 There’s the Barbie Basic…

SHE HAD ARRIVED! 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie Reproduction

AND SHE HAD ARRIVED! The lady I’ve been excited to see had already arrived. *Read how excited I am for her on the part 1 of this post here: The unicorn was excited Guys. People. Here she is…. The 1994 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie Reproduction ❣ I know right, I finally had her for real! 🙏😭😍 So yes, that was her….

The unicorn was excited

Hieeee! So it’s been ages since my last post and I apologize for that. I’ve been busy working my a$$ off of my first job. 🍑 YEY! (You read it right, a month after graduation I already scored my very first job) 💼👓 But the main reason why I am writing here is (not because of my very…

Barbie Hair Fair Doll Set (50th Anniversary)

Isn’t it fun to have your dolls in different hairstyle? Well, Mattel’s Barbie made it possible through the release of Barbie Hair Fair Set. It was in 1967 (not exactly sure) when this set was actually created in order to channel the hottest hair trends during that era. The set includes a flip braid, a “fall” hair piece, a “crownette” headband, a brunette wig and a head base for you try all these wig wardrobe.