DIY: Doll It Yourself Diary and Journal

Dear Diary,

ARGH. How can I start my diary if I don’t have any diary AT ALL?!

How to create these hip and fab notebooks? Just look at these simple steps 👇

  1. Save the 2 photo below and then print (You could adjust the photo’s size depending on your doll’s size but or 11-12′ dolls, no need to resize 😉)
  2. Cut your chosen diary or journal cover (1st photo) followed by its pages (2nd photo). For the cover, you could choose from over 16 cool designs. You may also suggest designs that you want for your diary or journals, just Contact me ❤ For its pages,  it all depends upon you how many of it you want to put. 📚
  3. After cutting both the cover and pages, fold the cover into half (there is a guide on the pattern on where are you going to fold it) then glue the pages in the middle.
  4. And, tadaaaaa! You just made your dolls a diary or journal notebook 👏👊


Download these two photos below and start creating your doll’s diary, journal and notebook! 

Diary and Journal Cover: 

DIY Diary and Journal Cover.jpg

Diary and Journal Pages: 

DIY Diary and Journal Pages.jpg

Now go give your dolls a trendy and fab notebooks so they could start with their own diaries! Start creating one now for them!

If you did create one, post it on IG and tag me up @daywbarbie I’d love to see your notebooks! 📚❣ Don’t forget to share this DIY craft on your fellow dolly friends! 👄


unicorn kisses and farts,

k writing everything into his diary


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