Wishlist: The Zodiac Dolls Barbie Collection

I know Christmas ain’t near yet, so writing wishlists and stuff related to that are still not relevant 🎄😕

But there’s nothing wrong when someone wishes. Ain’t it? 💫

Today, while I had my free time at work 💻, I went through Google and browse different photos of some Barbie Collector Series. Yay! 😍 There’s the Barbie Basic Collections, the Barbie Look Collection, the Barbie So In Style Collection and a lot more. I was really having so much fun even though I am just looking at them through my tiny mobile phone screen. (#BarbieFanatic 😂)  Then I saw a photo of the Barbie Basic Jeans Collections, all lined up, dolls are complete and all looking glamorous as ever.


Aren’t they faaaaaab! 💖

And in that moment, the thought of completing at least one Barbie Collection Series hit me. Isn’t it fulfilling, for Barbie collectors, to complete a Barbie series? ❤ YES! IT IS! Imagine the thrill of finding each and every doll from that certain series (and the fact that most Barbie from these series are VERY HARD TO FIND and some are not even in the market nowadays), then lining them up once you completed it, and BOOM, what picture perfect collection. 🙌

With that thought in mind, I asked myself, “What collection would I be completing?” 🤔 Definitely NOT those Barbie Basic Collection yet, they are way too expensive now and I can’t afford them. 😭 Then I thought of one other collection that I loveeeeee! ❣💕💟 And you know what is it?

The Zodiac Dolls Barbie Collection from 2004

Zodiac Dolls Collection.jpg

The collection was released on 10/1/2004 and is composed of exactly 12 dolls, inspired by the 12 astrological signs of course. 💗😁 Barbie represents the mystique and on-going appeal of the zodiac. (I love this collection so much because of how pretty they all look.) It falls under Pink Label.

Each of the 12 dolls from this collection wears a classic gown, decorated by its zodiac sign with faux rhinestones, and a faux fur.

Take a look at that rhinestones! 💎 (That’s Scorpio. And yaaas! I am a Scorpio) Fur.jpg

She also have her huge earrings on and a zodiac charm bracelet. (You guys know where could I buy charms like that? Like, human size charms, I want to wear one. HAHA ♏💜)


I don’t know why but there’s something about furs and gowns that attract me so much. I just find gowns very classy when it’s paired up with a fur ensemble. 💃 Hahaha! So, the Zodiac Dolls Collection was definitely the one for me. 🙏😍

Now the main question was, where the hell could I find these dolls? 😣 I know there are a lot from Ebay, but I don’t and can’t buy stuff internationally. 💔

But you know what, THINK POSITIVE! I know I could fine these right here in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, Philippines! 🇵🇭 As of now, I have to keep my eyes open for doll resellers who could possibly be selling one of these. You know what they say, the key to achieving your goal is patience and perseverance. ☝💪

If you know anyone whose selling one of these, CONTACT me. (Or if you wanted to donate one of these to me, promise I’ll take care of her 💓🤚 lol)


unicorn kisses and farts,

k savagely looking for these dolls 🤣


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