SHE HAD ARRIVED! 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie Reproduction


The lady I’ve been excited to see had already arrived. *Read how excited I am for her on the part 1 of this post here: The unicorn was excited

Guys. People. Here she is….

The 1994 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie Reproduction ❣


I know right, I finally had her for real! 🙏😭😍 So yes, that was her.

I am thinking whether to get her out of the box or not but in the end..


YEP. I took her out of her box. 😂🙈  I know some collectors do not want to remove their dolls out of their boxes (especially if its one of those gold and platinum label Barbies, Oh no no no! ☝) but as for me, I wanted to free them out of those plastic packaging. 🍃  Also, I wanted to just play with them from time to time (like touch her soft hair, change her clothes, take millions of photo with her or take her into a vacation lol) and I can’t do that with their boxes still closely sealed. So yeah.

This the back of her box. Just take a look how dramatic her eyes were 👀


Now let’s take her out of the box 📦


The 1994 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie Reproduction was released in line with the celebration of Barbie’s 35th Anniversary 🎂 It was the #1 Ponytail Barbie wearing the famous Black and White Zebra Suit. Yeah. THAT.BLACK.AND.WHITE.ZEBRA.SUIT.IS. ICONIC. 

The doll came with a pair of black open-toed pumps, a unique blue-lens sunglasses (that are still very in trend right now 😎) and a pair of gold hoop earrings,



a special edition booklet that contains


cool stuff about Barbie and her history (all Barbie’s secret are in there 😉)


and Barbie’s Family and Friends tree (Woah! That was just one big family and friends 😱),


the reproduction also includes a replica of Barbie’s first ever doll box (Awww men! How I wish Barbie’s box is still the same as this 😩),


and a clear plastic stand so Barbie because you know, she can’t stand on her own ❤ (look how gorgeous she is!),


And yeah that’s her completely out of her box. Let’s take a moment and admire her beauty


You see, you’ll know the Barbie reproduction you have was genuine or original if it has those reproduction wrist tags that says Genuine Barbie by Mattel. (And take a look at those red manicured nails 💅)


If you wanted more information into this doll reproduction, go the first part of this post: The unicorn was excited 👈 *Just click on the link* 

I took more photos of her that I would be attaching below 👇📸 (I’m just using my mobile phone in taking photos, so yeah 📱)



unicorn kisses and farts,

k trying to imitate Barbie’s side-eyeing thing 👀💋

Special thanks to Ms. Susan, for this doll. Such an accommodating doll seller. To my fellow Pinoy Doll Collector, go to her shop, she would be happy to fulfill all your doll dreams 


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