DIY: Doll It Yourself Phones 📱

“Sorry the number you have called is not available at this time.” 📱

Is your doll still stuck using iPhone 6 or Samsung S7? Well, it’s time to give your dolls a new phone. Keep them in trend with this DIY PHONE FOR YOUR DOLLS! ❤

Choose from the wide range of latest mobile phones, from iPhone 7 and Samsung S8, all in their different colors! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Save the photo below and then print. (You could adjust the photo size depending on your doll’s size 😉) 
  2. Cut your chosen phone (the front and the back) (Choose from these different colors 📱) 
  3. Glue or paste your cut out phone (the front and the back) into a piece of card board or cardstock then cut your card board or cardstock onto the shape of your phone.
  4. Glue both pieces together (the front and the back)
  5. This is not necessary but if you want, glue a piece of clear plastic into your phone to make the phone screen look more realistic 💞

DIY Phone for your dolls printable below:

Phone-DIY-Print.jpg *I just searched those phones on google then resized and compiled them all for my fellow doll collectors. I do not own any rights on those phones. 🤚

LOOK! My Barbie is enjoying taking a selfie on her new iPhone 7+ Red ❤📱


Hmmmm. Any suggestions what should I get on the App Store? 🤔

IMG_4128.jpg Say Cheese! 🧀 Selfieeeee! IMG_4118.jpg

Go treat your dolls into these fab new iPhones and Samsungs! Start creating one now for them! If you did create one, post it on IG and tag me up @daywbarbie I’d love to see your new phones! 📱❤❣ Don’t forget to share this DIY craft on your fellow dolly friends! 👄


unicorn kisses and farts,

k taking selfies with his forever fab Barbie friend 📷


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