Last few hours June 2017

I can’t believe how fast time really flies.

A couple of months ago, I am a fresh college graduate savagely hunting for a job around the metro. From passing tons of CVs to different industries and companies, to nervously sitting and waiting for the HR Manager (or whoever he/she is) to say; “You’re the next to be interviewed”, to hearing your interviewer say; “YOU’RE HIRED!” then all you could do was just scream in your mind how happy you are, it all went out so fast. So fast that I haven’t realized that I’m already working for a month now. YAS! One month. 😱

I know this post doesn’t make a lot of sense but the point is, time flies so sh*tty fast that sometimes we haven’t realized how long have we been doing things. We could not slow down time, nuh-uh honey, but what we can do is start living. Live through those fast currents of time. June 2017 is about to end and so is July after 31 days and so are the following months. So I’m urging you, do not waste time. Treat yourself if you want to, buy the stuff you wished to buy (if you have the money of course 💰) or just do what your heart really wants to do because you’ll never how fast time could fly. 🦋

unicorn kisses and farts,

k in his office, counting off the days where he would get his first salary

P.S: love my shoes for today 😍👞

19623702_444961022556982_2600994746637746176_n  19436373_1404725322946524_7149697908642676736_n


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