The unicorn was excited


So it’s been ages since my last post and I apologize for that. I’ve been busy working my a$$ off of my first job. 🍑 YEY! (You read it right, a month after graduation I already scored my very first job) 💼👓 But the main reason why I am writing here is (not because of my very first job) mainly because I can’t express how excited I am for the doll I purchased recently! And what got me more excited is that I purchased it at a very affordable price 😍💸 Plus, it was NRFB (NEVER REMOVED FROM BOX) OMG!!

The doll I bought was *drum roll pleaseeeeeeee*

The 1994 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie Reproduction ❣

*It’s still on its way though but I’ll do a write up once I have her already*

But for those of you wondering how does she look, here she is:

Repro 1.jpg

 I’ve been eyeing this doll since the beginning of my “Barbie Collection Mania”. Idk why or what but vintage dolls (real vintage Barbies, reproductions, silk stones, or as long as it looks VINTAGE!)  have a special place in my heart. I am very captivated by how classy and sophisticated they look, from their curls to the side-eyed thing down to the mesmerizing clothes they wear, I am totally living for it. 

So just to give you more info about this doll, I did a little research and here’s what I got,

Obviously, this doll was a reproduction of the very first Barbie released in 1959. It was the #1 Ponytail Barbie wearing the famous Black and White Zebra Suit. It was reproduced in line with the celebration of Barbie’s 35th Anniversary 🎂 back in 1994. Attached below was the very first Barbie released in 1959. (I just found the photo on pinterest)


You see, what’s cool in this 1994 reproduction was it’s box has the same design as the original. It also has those reproduction wrist tags, clear stand, sunglasses, black open toe shoes and a silver stuff that says 35th Anniversary Barbie. Ain’t that cool?

The 35th Anniversary Barbie reproductions comes in two doll version you could choose from, the blonde and the brunette. You could see the brunette version below:


Aside from these two dolls, there is also a 35th Anniversary Gift Set with  the same doll but with two vintage ensemble reproductions, as you could see below:

Repro 4.jpg

I would love to have the Gift Set but unfortunately the seller only had the 35th Anniversary Doll. (The very first photo I attached) But whatever it is, I AM FREAKING HAPPY! I’ve been tracking the doll ever since it was shipped and I just couldn’t relax because my room is waiting for her to be displayed. 💖

The seller even sent me a photo of my doll being wrapped, ready for shipping 📦 See below. (JRS Express, if you are cutting shipping costs or in a budget but still wanted the best service, they are the courier for you. They ship within Philippines only.) 😉❤


Um. Yeah. That is just how excited I am for this lady!

I would be writing more of her when she arrives. PLUS, I would be taking photos of her. 📸😗

UPDATE: She had ARRIVED already! Click here

unicorn kisses and farts,

k in his office, pretending to do some papers for work but actually writing how excited he was for this doll

Special Thanks to the author/owner of for the doll info. If you want to know more about your dolls, go to Fashion Doll Guide! 💋




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