First ever post that I’ve made and I know for a fact that no one, at first or idk, would really read this stuff about someone named “that unicorn mind” talking about his first WordPress experience or impressions. Like seriously? I won’t even read it if it was me in your position. BUT let me just take this time to say hi, hello and blah blah! 👋 I found out about WordPress through one of my friends and then an idea came to me, an idea to use this as a platform for me to share what’s inside my unicorn mind. And as of today/this time, my unicorn mind is focused on food, coffee and teas, Barbie Dolls, pop culture and on me trying to find a job since I just recently graduated. Yay! ❤

So to whoever is reading this, thank you because you just wasted a minute of your time reading this introductory stuff. But seriously, thank you! ☺ So come back later and see what I would post for the second time, it would be far more interesting than this one. 😉

unicorn kisses and farts,

k sitting in a coffee shop while eating a salad for an afternoon snack (that’s tuna melt panini with ceasar salad)



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